Þann 25.-26. júní 2020 verður hátíðin Konur og byggingarlist haldin hátíðlega í Berlin.  Á hátíðinni mun Menningarmiðstöð norrænu sendiráðanna standa fyrir málþingi með yfirskriftinni: Draumur-Leikur-Áskorun: Framtíð íbúðarhúsnæðis.

Þessa dagana stendur yfir leit að þátttakendum á málstofuna en hægt að er að sækja um þátttöku til 17. febrúar 2020 með því að senda inn ritrýnda grein, verkefni eða litlar rannsóknir/rannsóknaspurningar (Provocations).

Frekari upplýsingar:

O P E N   C A L L
we are very happy to announce that the Call for Papers for our
international symposium ?Dream – Play – Challenge: The Future of
Residential Living? has now been issued.

The call can be seen on the n-ails website:
https://n-ails.de/category/aktiv/ or downloaded directly under

Call for papers, projects and provocations for the international symposium
on the future of residential living that will take place as part of the
Women in Architecture Berlin 2020 festival.

25th – 26th June, 2020 at the Felleshus, Nordic Embassies, Berlin.

Organised by Sarah Rivière and Wiltrud Simbuerger on behalf of n-ails, the
Berlin Network for Women Architects, Interior Designers, Engineers,
Landscape Architects and Urban Planners.


What does it mean today to reside, to be a (non-)resident, to be in
residence or to build a residence? The traditional concept of the
?residential? has been thrown into question by the challenges of the 21st
century. Residing ? an act so fundamental to humanity ? is contested by
socio-economical and cultural uncertainties, be it by precarious ecological
conditions, forced uprootedness, re-defined concepts of gender and family,
or by culturally diverse models of domesticity. At the same time, the
concept of the ?residential? continues to lure us with its echoes of
stability and permanence, as a term which conjures the desire for a home
within societies that find it more and more difficult to provide one.

Are traditional notions of the ?residential? still tenable and generative?
In what form can ways of residing that challenge traditions and respond to
current pressures be imagined or built today? In the past, architects have
contributed innovative though often prescriptive proposals to such
questions. We are specifically interested in contributions that use
contested situations as a starting point to Dream – Play – Challenge the
production of residential space.

Projects and research may work through (but are not restricted to) the
following approaches:

–     the playfulness of dwelling;

–     cooperative, collaborative, and performative residential practice;

–     the language of residential place-making;

–     fictional residential space, dreams of residing;

–     antagonism, provocation or persistence in the residence.

This call is addressed to architects and researchers including PhD fellows,
graduates in architecture, planning and related fields, as well as to
actors and initiatives exploring new strategies of residential living. We
welcome a range of presentation formats including research papers, project
presentations both built and unbuilt, drawings and film. Selected
contributors will be invited to submit a paper to be included in the
planned publication, Dream ? Play ? Challenge: The Future of Residential

Submission guidelines and deadlines:

Abstract: 400-600 words, 1-3 images, and short CV
Deadline: 17th February, 2020
Send to: FutureOfResidentialLiving@gmail.com
Results of the selection process issued: mid-March 2020