Fólki í skapandi greinum býðst nú tækifæri á að kynnast og vinna með norrænum kollegum í gegnum verkefnið Nordic Match. Nordic Match fer fram í Helsinki í Finnlandi í ár, dagana 7.-10. október.  Umsóknarfrestur rennur út 23. ágúst næstkomandi.

Hér má finna frekari upplýsingar um Nordic Match:

From 7 to 10 October 2019, the Finnish capital Helsinki will play host to the second Nordic Match – a pop-up think tank and networking platform where art and culture will be used to create social change, this time with a focus on inclusiveness in artistic processes. The local partner in the autumn of 2019 will be the Finnish National Theatre. We encourage norm breaking initiators and bold thinkers, with experience in interactive projects with young people, to apply. During four days, a group of Nordic creative professionals will come together in Helsinki to discuss the topic of The right to participate.Alongside an intense programme of workshops and networking, the participants will be hosted by local artists and cultural professionals, who will help introducing the participants to the local cultural surroundings. Participation is free of cost.

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