Kollegar okkar frá Svíþjóð hafa sent okkur upplýsingar um fyrirhugaða samkeppni um framtíðarskipulag á mikilvægum stað í Stokkhólmi.  Meðfylgjandi eru upplýsingar um samkeppnina á ensku

An important project is coming up in Stockholm after the summer that you or your members or colleagues might be interested in.

The project is about the future development of central Stockholm and of sustainable public transport. The real estate company Jernhusen is arranging a parallel commission for the area around the Central Station – in effect the last concentrated development area of note in the centre of Stockholm.

The area around the Central Station is not only the gateway to the capital and Sweden’s largest hub for national and regional train traffic, it is also a major transit point for Stockholm‘s local and regional public transport. The development of the 70,000 sqm area is made possible by the planned deck to be built over the track area.

The parallel commission starts with a pre-qualification in which four teams will be selected to create planning proposals. The result of the parallel commissions will be the point of departure for a new zoning plan and the winner will be enlisted to continue to work on the zoning plan as well as on the first phase of construction. A pre-qualification invitation will be published on the Architects Sweden website in late August or early September, as well as on Tendsign and on Jernhusen’s website. Please note that we cannot answer any questions about the process or the commission until the pre-qualification invitation has been published.

Read more about Jernhusen at https://www.jernhusen.se/vara-projekt/Stockholm/centralstationsomradet/

Read more about the project at www.centralstaden.se

Upplýsingar á PDF: Jernhusen